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Outlaw Amnesia Overview

Hello again, it’s Hannah, delving into the world of medicinal cannabis to bring you an insightful look at “Outlaw Amnesia” a new Cornerfield strain by Cannatrek. It is part of Cannatrek’s ‘Cornerfield’ range, known for its compassionate pricing and focus on supporting Australian patients. This high-THC, Sativa-dominant strain contains 20% THC and less than 1% CBD. It comes in a 14g pack, embodying the spirit of its name with its potent yet enigmatic qualities. Cornerfield has made this product a standout in its category, offering it at $6.07 per gram or $0.03 per milligram, making it a competitively priced option for those in need of its robust effects.

How Much Does Outlaw Cornerfield Amnesia Cost?

The recommended retail price for Outlaw Amnesia is $85 for a 14g pack. This pricing reflects Cannatrek’s commitment to providing quality medicinal cannabis at an affordable rate, making it accessible to a broader range of patients seeking relief and therapeutic benefits.

My Personal Experience of Outlaw Amnesia

As a professional dealing with anxiety, insomnia, and recent neck pain, finding a strain that offers both relief and inspiration is crucial. Outlaw Amnesia has been a delightful discovery, providing a unique blend of creative stimulation and happiness. Its pain-relieving properties are not just physically soothing but also mentally liberating. The strain’s ability to evoke a sense of joy and spur creativity has been particularly beneficial for me, especially on days when the weight of solitude feels heavier.

What Are The Effects of Outlaw Amnesia?

The Cornerfield Outlaw Amnesia Flower strain by Cannatrek has been reported to provide effects that include creativity, happiness, hunger, and pain relief. This blend of effects makes it suitable for those looking for a cerebral boost along with physical comfort. The flavors and scents of flowery, lemon, pungent, and sweet tones add to the overall enjoyable experience of this strain.

Conditions Suited for Cornerfield Outlaw Amnesia

Based on patient reviews, Outlaw Amnesia is particularly effective in managing chronic pain (non-cancer). Its ability to provide 100% relief as reported by patients underscores its potency and effectiveness as a medicinal cannabis strain. The strain’s properties make it suitable for those seeking to alleviate pain while also enjoying an uplift in mood and creativity.

Outlaw Amnesia Rating

Considering my personal experience and the reviews of others, Outlaw Amnesia deserves a high rating. Its combination of therapeutic and creative-enhancing effects, along with its affordability, makes it a valuable option in the medicinal cannabis market. It stands as a testament to Cornerfield’s commitment to producing high-quality, accessible medicinal cannabis.

Outlaw Amnesia by Cornerfield is a unique and effective medicinal cannabis strain that offers more than just physical relief. It’s a creative catalyst and a beacon of happiness for those who need it. As always, remember to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new treatment and use medicinal cannabis responsibly.

Disclaimer: I am a patient and not a medical professional. I am sharing my personal experience with cannabis medication. All cannabis medications should only be used under the supervision of an Australian doctor. My experience may not reflect your experience, as everyone reacts differently to cannabis medication. Please consult your doctor before using any cannabis medication.

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Cannatrek Cornerfield Outlaw Amnesia